Who are we?

We are a group of shareholders of Dutch origin, each holding over 25 years of experience in Africa.

Shiri beach has two shareholders: Fumba Beach, here presented by Edwin van Zwam and family Paes- Appels, here presented by Vincent Paes and Esther Appels.

Edwin is the co-owner and general manager of Fumba Beach. Vincent and Esther live in the Netherlands and have invest in Hotel businesses in Tanzania since 1999.

Edwin, Esther and Vincent have known each other for more then twenty years and started the project of Shiri Beach together.

Over the years in Africa we have invested in and operated hotels, lodges, renewable energy, mining, dredging and construction both in East and Southern Africa.

We like to share our love for Africa with other likeminded people to whom we would like to offer the experience of the African way of living. This resulted in the concept of Shiri Beach Tropical Living on the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

Our aim is to give back to the community, both directly and indirectly. We love Africa and we want to live in a secure and clean environment.

A green investment

The Shiri Beach development aims to be as green as possible and to give back to the community.

We love Africa and we want to live in a secure and clean environment. An Environmental impact study was conducted and a Certificate of Compliance was issued. During the construction period, absolutely no trees will be felled (the location of your Villa on the site plan can also be changed slightly in order to save trees).

Shiri Beach will also run 100% on solar energy. Our water comes from a borehole in order not to stress the national grid and is getting tested once a year. The quality of our water is far within the guideline of the Zanzibari Government and within the UN guideline on water quality.

Instead of building with traditional brick and mortar, we have chosen a more environmentally friendly construction to reduce our carbon footprint, while still maintaining the durability and appearance of traditional materials. We will be using cement fibre boards which are pressed into panels with insulation, which are the same thickness as normal bricks.

All our staff members are local Zanzibaris, who will benefit from the project. Additionally we have a social responsibility program here at Fumba village, mainly in schooling, clean water and micro finance.

Latest News

May 2022

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