Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, land is public property and only Zanzibaris can obtain the ‘Right of Occupancy’; but the Government has implemented special zones and project where foreigners can obtain a lease or sub-lease title.

Zanzibar is becoming increasingly popular with second home owners and property investors from all over the world. There are several reasons for this; Tourism has been growing annually at 15%, the economy shows a 6% growth.There is a large unmet demand for quality housing. New benefits and incentives make investment and property buying easier and more lucrative.

Yes, under certain provisions, the real estate has to be within the so-called Economic Free Zone,(which Shiri Beach is)a strategic investment or to fall under the 2019 implemented condominium law. A condominium consist of individual units in a building or an estate (Shiri Beach will be an estate) 

Shiri Beach is individually compliant to both conditions/options as per investment act and registered under the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority. (ZIPA)

Yes; you will become 100% owner of your Villa 

A renewable 33 years title deed is granted to the purchaser with the full right to inherit, mortgage, sell and rent out your property. The lease after completion of the Project can be extended to 99 years.

However the land is owned by the Government of Zanzibar, of which we pay lease to ZIPA (Included in your service fees, see point 8) 

As Shiri Beach is a living, working & playing estate, sub-lease is provided to the purchaser within the Zanzibar law. It’s not a free-hold but because of the long duration and because it’s inheritable,it practically equals ownership.

No. Only Zanzibaris can obtain land here and get a so-called Right of Occupancy. No foreigner may do so; foreigners are limited to lease titles with certain conditions. The reason is Zanzibar is an island with limited space. Hotels and other commercial owners lease the land after the approval of their project by Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA). Permits for private residential are rare. The important message to take away: The easy way to obtain property in Zanzibar is an approved real estate project.

The main islands Unguja & Pemba and about 50 smaller islands make up the archipelago with the mystical name Zanzibar. It’s 30 KM off the coast off Tanzania, Zanzibar is eight times the size of the Maldives and about half as big as Majorca – Europe’s premier holiday island. It’s 50 KM long and about 35 KM wide. The main island is an ideal size to reach any place. From historic Stone Town to the beautiful beachesin every direction. Pemba Island is still more remote but has great development potential. Since 1964 Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous state belonging to Tanzania. Before it was an Oman Sultanate and British protectorate. Population is roughly 1.6 million in total.

Tranquility, political stability, strategic location, high growth potential and good international connections are most wanted and most cited criteria.

A relative newcomer on the global investment map Zanzibar is still on the lower end of the price scale in term of vacation, permanent homes. The Shiri Beach Villas are starting from USD 172’500/= for a 3 Bed room double story Villa.

Levies and Service fees are USD 500 per month. We offer property owners as much as possible at a reduced rate, for hassle free living. The service fee includes:

  • Professional Estate Management including full security, property manager and staff (gardeners, pool, barman, housekeeping, maintenance etc).
  • Insurance including a 1 Million US Dollar public liability insurance (Important for owners when they want to rent out their property) 
  • Lawyer, regarding sales contracts, any questions regarding legal matters from buyers 
  • External accountant firm including auditing, as well as an internal accountant
  • Annual land-lease to ZIPA
  • Operational licenses 
  • WIFI and utilities, water, electricity and cooking gas (including back-up generator) 
  • Use of the communal swimming pool
  • Housekeeping and laundry service every other day included – personal laundry for a fee
  • Maintenance including all large-scale maintenance. Owners can make use of the maintenance staff for small repairs in their villas 
  • The running cost of the private plunge pool is for the owner’s cost. Daily cleaning is included in the service fee 
  • For owners who have decided to rent out their property, a full team is on site to assist with guests, marketing, reservations, accounts etc

Yes of course we were affected (and still are!!) All the Hotels had to close their doors for a period of 7 months in total in 2020. Since Zanzibar reopened, we saw a slow start at the end of 2020 and from 2021, a very fast growth in Tourist arrivals and this trend is ongoing. From July 2022 we already see that occupancy is back to 80% of pre-covid period and the expectations from the Ministry of Tourism are that we will reach pre-covid arrivals again by 2023. Even Airlines who never flew to Zanzibar before are seeing this increase. The new airlines who started to fly in 2021, are Air France, Edelweiss and Global Airways which is a very healthy indication that the road to recovery is in a fast pace.

According to studies done this is the question of most concern to investors, politically and economically Zanzibar is considered one of the safest African destinations by travel experts. The Zanzibar constitution protects ownership by the “Land Tenure ACT” unfair seizure, Repression of property by the Government is not allowed. If ever necessary, compensation has to be paid at market value says the law. In case of any property dispute, Zanzibar entities buyers to seek UN and international jurisdiction.

Shiri Beach has contracted the assistants of a highly respected Zanzibar lawyer, Mr. Omar, CEO of Zanzibar Legal. You can contact us for any questions arise on legal matters and we will bring you via email in contact with Mr. Omar, the cost is for Shiri Beach as we feel it’s is important as a potential buyer that you feel comfortable with your investment.

Not quite yet. Such free, permanent residence for home buyers is granted for instance in Portugal and Turkey, but Zanzibar has come close to it with ground breaking improvements and more security for home owners which came into effect in 2021. Home buyers had been waiting for this move for years. The new Tax and residency program applies to strategic investment projects and it meant to encourage foreigners to live and invest, it includes:

  • Residency for home buyers and their family
  • 50% less Capital gain tax when reselling the property (was 20% now 10%)
  •  50% less on Stamp duty (was 3% now 1.5%)
  • 100% repatriation of profit allowed after tax

USD 100’000/= is the minimum in order to have these above benefits. All Villas on Shiri Beach are qualifying for this.

A residency (permanent stay) is valid for a minimum for 2 years renewable and the costs are from USD 550/= to USD 3000/= depending on the residency type. It will be granted repeatedly as long as you own the property. We at Shiri Beach can facilitate this process at a fee.

The permit is valid for the spouse and up to 4 children, dependents pay USD 0 to USD 500 depending on the type of residency.

No, you can come on holiday for up to 3 months each time on a tourist visa. The cost depending on your passport is between USD 0 and USD 100 per entrée (SADC countries passport holders do not pay for a tourist Visa; Europeans depending on the Country USD 50 and USA Citizens USD 100)

Shiri Beach in each villa as high streamed WIFI. What a way of living!! To work from your lap top overlooking the Indian Ocean.

We do. Shiri Beach will look after the property including renting out and protect your investment. Management, Staff members, marketing &Sales and Reservations, these costs are including in your monthly service fee.

Ultimately it’s your choice, depends on what you want from the property. But being fond and familiar with the area certainly helps. If you have an appreciation for Zanzibar (and Africa) and share a vision of sustainability, modernity and community values, do your math and calculations and see if the investment would work out for you, bringing some tangible benefits to the island too.

We believe 100% the same. Shiri Beach will run 100% on solar energy, after all we have 2755 sun hours per year out of a possible 4383. Average sun hours per day is 7.3,was a no brainer to put solar in the project.

Our water comes from a borehole in order not to stress the national grid and is getting tested once a year. The quality of our water is far within the guideline of the Zanzibari Government and within the UN guideline on water quality.

An Environmental impact study was conducted and Certificate of Compliance was issued. During the construction period, no trees will be felled (the location of your Villa on the site plan can be change a little bit in order to safe trees).

All our Staff members are local Zanzibaris, who will benefit from the project. Additionally we have a social responsibility program here at Fumba village, mainly in schooling, clean water and micro finance.

We choose instead of building with bricks and mortar a more environmental friendly way of construction and leave as less as possible our carbon foot print, but with the same or longer durability and looks like traditional building, we using cement fibre board which are pressed into panels with insulation the same thickness as normal bricks. 

If any doubt, contact a solicitor or inquire with the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Agency (ZIPA) 

ZIPA, Maruhubi Complex, Po Box 2286, Zanzibar, Tanzania 


Tel: +255 24 2233026

Yes, you can in a more and more investment friendly climate and with the whole bouquet of new incentives, Zanzibar hope to attract fresh entrepreneurs for the blue economy (sea and fisheries related industrialization) in manufacturing, luxury tourism, gastronomy and in the events and sports sector.

At the moment there are 5 of these zones declared by the Government including Fumba, where Shiri Beach is located.

The intention is to attract large investments beneficial to economic growth and the local community.Developers in the Free Economic Zones get far reaching incentives like no taxes and duties on imported machineries, exemption from corporate and income tax for 10 years, no tax on dividends, interest and capital gain tax for 10 years.

Owners, that wants to combine Holiday and Rental , can join the rental pool and can expect from year 2/3 a return of invest of roughly 10%. Shiri beach will do the management, look after the Guest from moment of check to check out; Marketing; with over 25 years of experience in Africa, we have a large data base regarding Tour operators and agents who are selling Africa active. Additional we are attending the following travel fairs annual WTM London, ITB Berlin, Vakantie Beurs Holland, Indaba Durban South Africa, and several road shows.We hope that in 2022 these shows will resume again, online presence,, Expedia, Air BnB etc., where your property will feature as well.

Reservations are based in the Netherlands.

Auditing accounts will be available for all home owners annually.

The Home owners can stay up to 2 months a year, regardless the breakup of the 2 months, also the home owners can give to a 3rd party like family, friends or business relations. The remaining 10 months we will rent out the villa on your behalf hassle free.

The Management responsibility is to have on regular basis contact with the individual owner and for any questions there is an dedicated email address and phone number

YES, If you wish so, we do offer fully furnished option; Modern with an African/Zanzibari twist from pots and pans to bed linen and furniture. For more details, please mail to what is included in the fully furnished option and the cost, alternative you can furnish and decorate your Villa yourself. Each Villa comes standard with a kitchenette including stove/oven and fridge/deep freezer combination. Air conditioning in all bed rooms except the loft in type 1 does not have A.C

Yes you can. We offer each Villa a private plunge pool as an option 3 meters x 4 meters in size for the cost of USD 8’750/=. The running costs (chemicals and equipment are for the owners costs). Daily cleaning is the estates responsibility. A perfect way to end the day with a glass of bubbly in your own pool overlooking the sun-set over the Indian Ocean.

We as shareholders are of Dutch origin with each of us over 25 years of experience in Africa. Over the years in Africa we invested and operatedHotels & Lodges, construction, renewable energy and mining.

We like to share our love of Africa with likeminded people to whom we like to offer the experience of the African way of living. This resulted in the concept of Shiri Beach Tropical Living on the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

For people that would like to visit Zanzibar and to have a feeling if Shiri Beach is something for them, we negotiate with Fumba Beach Lodge a special rate of USD 100 per person per night including breakfast and dinner (Valid till the 1st of June 2022) 50% off the accommodation invoice we will deduct from the first invoice to Shiri Beach if you decide to become an home owner on Shiri Beach, if you like to make use of this offer please email on the below email address